Add style to your kitchen with Smartstone

By November 27, 2018November 24th, 2020News

Add style to your kitchen with Smartstone


The modern kitchen is perhaps the most important meeting point of the home. While there are other rooms in the house in which we meet to share in familial activities or conversation, the truth of the matter is that nothing brings us closer to each other than sharing food. Whether it’s a simple afternoon snack or a Sunday night meal, the time we spent in the kitchen is usually filled with joy and moments worthy of memory.

Therefore, the design of any modern day kitchen is important, and it must be approached with great care and detail. Thankfully, creating a space for your family that is elegant, modern, beautiful, and functional is not as hard as you are probably thinking.

Here are a few tips to help you with designing and forming ideas for your future kitchen:

  • Include a kitchen island: The kitchen island is a staple of modern kitchen design. A stylish addition to any kitchen, the island can help you play with interesting flows in the room. Adding some benches or high-chairs will help you make your island into a convenient breakfast bar. Topping your kitchen island with high-quality quartz such as Smartstone is another way with which to increase your kitchen’s style and functionality.
  • Embrace open shelving: Modern design trends have begun adopting open shelving. Open shelving adds elegance and provides a subtle method to create space, so if your home’s kitchen is on the smaller side, you should seriously consider installing open shelves. Another advantage of installing open shelves is that decorating becomes extremely easy, merely including small potted plants into the nooks and crannies of your kitchen will go a long way in establishing a style.
  • Add colour: The wrong colour, or too much of it, can completely ruin your modern design, so if you are looking to add a splash of stylish colour we recommend installing engineered stone countertops. These types of high-quality products, such as Smartstone, can provide your kitchen with a fantastic array of palette options such as clean whites, creamy beiges, khaki greens, earthy browns and many other colours.