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Easy steps to removing common stains from your kitchen

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Made in Stone is a  leading supplier of Quantum Quartz in Sydney we are here to provide you with some easy-to-follow tips for removing common stains from your kitchen quartz countertop.

The quartz kitchen countertop is perhaps one of, if not the most, singularly underrated fixtures in your home. It can provide your kitchen with various styles, degrees of convenience, and bursts of life, as well as represent one of the most sound investments you will ever make as a homeowner.

Quartz stone is characterized by having a low degree of porosity and a high degree of hardness, which make it highly resistant to damage and easy to clean. However, besides the preparation of food, the kitchen countertop sees daily use across a wide range of household activities and this, unfortunately, means that it is highly prone to suffering from premature wear and, more commonly, unsightly stains.

Useful tips for removing common stains:

How do I remove grease stains from my kitchen benchtop?

  • Removing Grease Stains: Grease stains are quite common but thankfully are some of the most easily removed. Rub a mixture of mild detergent diluted in water with a soft cloth over the stain. Make sure to rinse afterwards to remove any soapy residue.

How do I remove lime stains from my kitchen benchtop?

  • Removing Lime Stains: If you have purchased your Quantum Quartz in Sydney Lime stains are relatively common due to the mineral content of the water. To remove lime stains apply a liberal amount of non-acidic limescale remover and let it sit for a couple of minutes. Rinse with water and presto.

How do I remove natural dyes from my kitchen benchtop?

  • Removing Natural Dyes: Very many foods such as beetroots, strawberries, and pomegranates contain highly concentrated juices that are known to stain. Eliminating these types of stains is simple enough, just apply a solution of bleach and water.

How do I remove marker stains from my kitchen benchtop?

  • Removing Marker Stains: If you have young children in the household, the probability of your Quantum Quartz getting drawn on is rather high. To remove marker stains apply a bit of rubbing alcohol with a soft cloth.

How do I remove silicone stains from my kitchen benchtop?

  • Removing Silicone Stains: Silicone stains are perhaps the most difficult to remove. To do so, you will have to make use of a sharp blade and a small amount of solvent, such as ethanol, for proper scraping of the surface.


Follow these easy tips whenever you notice a troublesome stain on your Quartz kitchen countertop, and you will see the lifetime and longevity of your investment shoot through the roof.

At Made in Stone, we take great pride in our ability to take on any challenge no matter its size, and we utilize decades of accrued knowledge and passion for stone to provide levels of quality and precision that are unparalleled in the industry. Every surface we create is guaranteed to last with a manufacturer warranty.


Kitchen Surface Survival

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One of the most used surfaces in a home, the kitchen benchtop is designed for heavy wear and tear. We discover how to care for different benchtop materials so your surface will stand the test of time.


Natural Stone

Stone Fabricators

Stone Fabricators

The general consensus on caring for a natural stone benchtop is to act quickly to wipe any spills
or residue. A simple warm, soapy cloth is enough for everyday spills, and for extra TLC, buff with a
clean, dry cloth. Keep an eye out for acidic items like red wine, cordial, coffee, pasta sauce,
tandoori paste or lemon juice that can stain.
Many surface companies offer a specialised cleaning solution to best maintain their material.







A low-maintenance material, engineered stone is easy to care for. In a similar vein to natural stone,laminam-kitchen-made-in-stone use a warm, soapy cloth to wipe down and avoid using a washing-up dishcloth on the benchtop
as this could carry potentially staining oils. Avoid acidic cleaning liquids that are aggressive and
can damage the surface. lIf the surface is exposed to these strong products, rinse with water
immediately to neutralise the effects




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Sydney’s Leading Stone Fabricators

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Stone Fabricators

Stone goes through a process that transforms it from its naturally found state, into the beautiful finished product that gets delivered and installed into your home as kitchen benchtops, bathrooms and more. You may not realise how much happens to get the stone from its natural quarry to its final high quality finished state. This process is what’s called Stone Fabrication. The people who perform this task are the Stone Fabricators.

What Stone Fabricators Do?

Stone fabricators can help you to choose the right material and the correct amount for your job.


The practical element generally includes measuring the dimensions of the area you would like your stone to be installed, to determine how much stone will be needed to complete the job. Once this is done, the type of stone material, shades and colours can be considered from the available supplies.

Structural integrity and density of the stone material is also another important element to be considered. Stone strength and quality can vary between the different types of slabs that are available. Even when the stone is taken from the same quarry, the stones can be significantly different.  Stone fabricators will generally have good quality control over the slabs that are available, as they are working with material from the same slab on a regular basis.


Stone Fabrication

Stone fabricators can assist with all of the above choices, all of these things will need to be decided and worked out before the fabrication process itself begins.

stone cutting made in stone

When fabrication of the stone takes place, final inspections will take place to search for any cracks, blemishes, scratches or fissures. The slab will then be laid out to ensure the best visual of the colour and vein texture. Following this, the stone will be cut within a few mm of its final thickness. Edging and any other design works to the slab will further shape the stone. Once the slab shape is almost complete, a multi-step process involving different levels of polish will be used to polish and smooth the surface of the stone, followed by washing, drying and the stone being sealed for use. All this work generally occurs away from the job site, and the final slabs will be delivered to the location of install, ready for installation.


Contact Made in Stone today to discuss your stone needs and see how we can assist you with your next project or build!


Quality Material Options For Kitchen Benchtops

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Quality Material Options For Kitchen Benchtops


Countertops and benchtops are a fundamental component of our kitchens. Thankfully there are different types of benchtops and countertops, and their specific traits and characteristics will determine, to a significant degree, the style direction of this essential room.

Today we will detail the most important characteristics of the most popular materials for countertops and kitchen benchtops in Sydney.

Porcelain Benchtops

Porcelain countertops offer homeowners multiple advantages and versatility in style. Porcelain is a highly resistant material which means your kitchen tops will remain scratch and stain free for many years. If you want a material that is high-quality, high-durability, and easy to clean, porcelain should be at the top of your list.

Quartz Benchtops

Quartz is a highly versatile material for kitchen benchtops in Sydney. Few materials offer a more extensive range of colours and design options than Quartz. Additionally, Quartz is one of the most durable natural stones on the market. One significant advantage that Quartz offers over other natural stones is that it is significantly less porous and thus much more resistant to stains and water damage

Granite Benchtops

Granite is perhaps the most popular material used for kitchen countertops and benchtops. Granite can add a splash of elegance to any kitchen, and its natural beauty can fit both modern and rustic styles. Granite is without a doubt one of the most durable natural stones on the market and will last for years and years thanks to its extremely high heat and shock resistance. Granite requires some extra care to maintain, but the effort is well worth the trouble.

Stainless Steel Benchtops

Stainless steel is the perfect countertop and benchtop material for futuristic design. It is exceptionally resistant to heat damage and perhaps the easiest to clean material on the market. Additionally, stainless steel remains one of the most hygienic surfaces for kitchens which is the reason you see it so prevalently in professional kitchens around the world.

stone-bench Kitchen Benchtops Sydney


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Custom-ordered natural stone is a wonderful and sustainable building material that provides many benefits, and depending on the project it can be the most efficient natural coating for your structures. In previous posts, we have talked about its characteristics and properties, but today we will focus on a few of its many advantages both in new construction and in renovation and rehabilitation projects as well.


Natural stone is one of the most sustainable construction materials around, which means that if you are working on a remodel or rehab project, you can take any natural stone in the structure and with the right expertise, recycle into a brand new project.

Built-in Insulation

One of the most outstanding characteristics of natural stone is that, due to its large mass, it has a high degree of thermal inertia, which makes it an excellent insulator that can provide significant savings in heating and cooling costs throughout your house.


Natural stone allows for a multitude of applications in all types of projects: it is perfectly adaptable both to interiors and exteriors and can be installed on walls and facades, cabinets and floors of bathrooms, and on kitchen countertops and finishes.

Few building materials can offer as much variety in terms of aesthetic choices as natural stone, which makes it the perfect option for any environment and space. A rich array of tones and colours, as well as surface finishes, give engineered natural stone an air of exclusivity since no stone is equal to another.

If you are looking to incorporate natural stone into your next kitchen or bathroom project make sure to give Made in Stone Australia a try. We offer dozens of natural stone products from the industry’s leading brands such as Caesarstone, Dekton, Laminam, Quantum Quartz, Silestone, and Smartstone. Here at Made in Stone, we are leading experts in designing a variety of edge profiles for your vanity tops and kitchen benchtops, so contact us about your next project.

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Benchtop – Why Silestone is a good option

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Benchtop – Why Silestone is a good option

The world of kitchen design is highly susceptible to changing tendencies and style trends; modern day kitchens run the gamut from country farm house styles to old-world traditional to contemporary modernism to Mediterranean cottage charm. However, one element that manages to remain consistent throughout is the stone benchtop.

Going with a stone countertop for the kitchen affords homeowners a variety of benefits and virtually zero downsides. Nevertheless, the market is crowded with options and, as such, choosing what type of stone to use can be difficult; which is why today we will briefly discuss the most important qualities to look for in a brand new kitchen countertop, and why Silestone is most definitely a solid contender.

Stain resistance

Kitchens are rife with substances that can permanently stain the benchtops. Drinks like red wine or coffee can do a number on stone, so the first quality you want your new stone benchtop to have is stain resistance. Silestone benchtops have nonporous surfaces which means whatever you spill will have a tough time penetrating it. Unless you go with a stain resistant benchtop, you will never be able to relax in your own kitchen.


You want to make sure that whatever material you choose, it is durable. There are plenty of brittle stones out there and they will chip or crack the first time you drop a massive meat tenderiser mallet on them. Silestone is an excellent option because it is made with hard quartz. Remember that installing a kitchen benchtop should be a one-time investment.

Easy to clean and maintain

Most of us spend an inordinate amount of time in the kitchen. In fact, if you are anything like me, you probably spend more time in your kitchen than any other room in the house. Look for a countertop material that is easy to clean. With Silestone quartz countertops you get a surface that can be wiped clean in the blink of an eye, so you can spend more time cooking and less time fuzzing about the clean up.



Add style to your kitchen with Smartstone

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Add style to your kitchen with Smartstone


The modern kitchen is perhaps the most important meeting point of the home. While there are other rooms in the house in which we meet to share in familial activities or conversation, the truth of the matter is that nothing brings us closer to each other than sharing food. Whether it’s a simple afternoon snack or a Sunday night meal, the time we spent in the kitchen is usually filled with joy and moments worthy of memory.

Therefore, the design of any modern day kitchen is important, and it must be approached with great care and detail. Thankfully, creating a space for your family that is elegant, modern, beautiful, and functional is not as hard as you are probably thinking.

Here are a few tips to help you with designing and forming ideas for your future kitchen:

  • Include a kitchen island: The kitchen island is a staple of modern kitchen design. A stylish addition to any kitchen, the island can help you play with interesting flows in the room. Adding some benches or high-chairs will help you make your island into a convenient breakfast bar. Topping your kitchen island with high-quality quartz such as Smartstone is another way with which to increase your kitchen’s style and functionality.
  • Embrace open shelving: Modern design trends have begun adopting open shelving. Open shelving adds elegance and provides a subtle method to create space, so if your home’s kitchen is on the smaller side, you should seriously consider installing open shelves. Another advantage of installing open shelves is that decorating becomes extremely easy, merely including small potted plants into the nooks and crannies of your kitchen will go a long way in establishing a style.
  • Add colour: The wrong colour, or too much of it, can completely ruin your modern design, so if you are looking to add a splash of stylish colour we recommend installing engineered stone countertops. These types of high-quality products, such as Smartstone, can provide your kitchen with a fantastic array of palette options such as clean whites, creamy beiges, khaki greens, earthy browns and many other colours.


smartstone-kitchen benchtops-made-in-stone

What is the Best Material for Kitchen Benchtops

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What is the best material for Kitchen Benchtops?

Setting the right tone for your kitchen is challenging. Whether you are planning to build a new house or maybe thinking of renovating your kitchen, you always want the best outcome. It is not the same as buying stuff and replacing it anytime you want. Determining the right countertops is one of the most important decisions you should consider in your house especially for your kitchen.

Natural Stone Kitchen Benchtops


  • Granite – is composed of mainly quartz, feldspar and other minerals. It conveys an aesthetic beauty to your kitchen. Aside from its beauty and high quality as countertops, granite is a hard substance and it is not easily prone to scratches. However, granite has also a weakness. Upon the installation of your kitchen benchtops, if it was not sealed properly, stains may appear and bacteria may enter. It might be impossible to remove, causing damage to your kitchen benchtops.


  • Marble – is also a great choice for countertops since it also delivers high-quality standards for your kitchen benchtops. It is known for its patterns being larger than granite. When it comes to its durability, it is quite durable but not same as granite. If not properly sealed, kitchen accidents such as spills may damage your countertops. It is also moderate to high maintenance.
  • Onyx – If you’re looking for something new, rare and unique, then you should try onyx for the countertops in your kitchen. It will give you a positive beauty for your kitchen and bathroom. However, there is something to consider. Onyx is not as durable as other countertops. It is a bit fragile. The maintenance is also a serious issue and it’s quite expensive. However, if you’re up to the challenge, then you should choose onyx.


  •  Travertine  – is known for its luxurious look and is therefore considered a “chic” choice by many. Also, it is environmentally friendly and economical. However, if you have a very busy kitchen then a travertine installation is not advisable. It is very reactive to acidic solvents such as juice and coffee. Minor spills can create stains which are very hard to remove.

Engineered Stone/Quartz Benchtops for your Kitchen

Engineered stone is a man-made composition of quartz and resin. It delivers aesthetic beauty to your kitchen and is generally cheaper than natural stones such as granite and marble.



  • Silestone – is the premium choice for kitchen benchtops, bathrooms, floors and wall cladding. It is a compound which is made of 90% natural quartz, giving it incredible strength, versatility and resilience.


  •  Smartstone –  is manufactured with a minimum of 93% quartz, combined with pigments and resins which make the surface highly durable. Just like any other quartz countertops, it is also important to be careful in putting hot pressure on its surface.


Choosing a kitchen benchtop requires time and effort in order to achieve the kitchen ideas you have been planning. It is important to take note of the aforementioned factors before purchasing one. It is also wise to choose the countertops that will suit your ideal budget and standards you have already set to avoid additional expenses that may occur in the future.

Contact us now for help choosing the right material for your kitchen countertops and get a free quote.

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Caesarstone: Quartz Countertops and Kitchen Benchtops

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Caesarstone: Quartz Countertops and Kitchen Benchtops

One part of every household which is to be considered of high importance is the kitchen. Along with this is the consideration of the best countertops for different purposes. Aside from durability, there are additional factors to be considered. Some of these are making sure that it produces a good ambience and a harmonious relationship to you while working.

If you are like those who cannot still choose the best countertops for their kitchen, bathroom, walls and many more, we will make it easier for you.

Made in stone is a stone supplier from Sydney who offers a quartz solution to every client. We know how important it is to have the best kitchen countertops and benchtops which perfectly suit your needs. Also, we offer a wider variety of colour that you can pick that best match your kitchen.

Caesarstone Quartz as Kitchen Benchtops

Caesarstone is made of very dense quartz which is known for its non-porous materials. It contains a small number of polymer resins and special additives for colouring. It is identified for its durability and stained-free.

And here’s more catch!

Caesarstone provides more variety when it comes to finishing-edging selection and edge profiling. Take a look at these Caesarstone products:

  1. Standard
  2. Deluxe
  3. Premium
  4. Supernatural
  5. Supernatural Ultra

Any of these products are proven to be of great performance perfectly suits the needs of your kitchen.

Also, Caesarstone produces a high quality of stone products at the most competitive price you need.


How to choose kitchen benchtops or countertops?

If you’re not yet convinced of choosing Caesarstone as your primary option for your kitchen benchtops, we will give you tips on how to choose ideal kitchen benchtops.

As the site of food preparation, it’s expected to be durable.  Aside, from that, it should maintain a harmonious relationship towards you while you are working. It is also important to consider the aesthetic factor as well. Not just that, it should be economical that even an average individual can afford.

Where to start?

It is best to start by planning for your ideal kitchen design. Write down your specifications – colours, design, size, edging and of course, plan it with proper budgeting. It is always better that it meets your standards and qualifications.

Luckily, Caesarstone quartz has all the answers you need. However, if you’re still looking for more options then, I suggest that it is better to continue reading this article.

After the deliberation and planning for your kitchen benchtops ideas, the best thing to do is to contact a stone supplier near you. They know what is best for you. Also, they give you further and detailed information to fix your decision on what countertops you must have.

We know how you value a good outcome for your kitchen benchtops and countertops. To help you find comfort, made in stone offers you a variety of choices which is suitable for your ideal kitchen design. It’s time to make your ideal kitchen come into reality with Caesarstone.

Click here for more and contact us now. We will always be grateful to answer your inquiries.

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Why Choose Caesarstone Quartz?

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What is Caesarstone?

Serving as an inspiration to an entire industry for over a decade, Caesarstone is passionate about their commitment to exceed industry standards in every possible way.

From start to finish, Caesarstone’s production processes are designed with quality and customer satisfaction in mind.

All Caesarstone premium quartz surfaces epitomise the perfect mix of beauty and performance that is ideal for home and commercial environments.

If you are looking for a product line that meets the most exacting standards of manufacturing quality, then Caesarstone’s range of quartz surfaces are the obvious choice for all your new projects and renovations as well.

Quartz surfaces are incredibly resistant to scratches and stains, which makes them perfect for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, wall cladding, floors, and various other interiors.

Caesarstone relies on an expertly blended ratio of up to 93% natural quartz aggregates with a variety of pigments and superior polymer resins so you will never need the application of a sealer again.

Unrivalled durability and undeniable beauty are what sets Caesarstone apart from the rest in this crowded market.


Why use quartz for your next project?

Composed mainly of silica, it is the second most common mineral found within the earth’s crust. Quartz is present in a large amount of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, where it stands out for its hardness and resistance to weathering against the elements.

It is important to choose the right countertops because it sets a good quality to your kitchen and bathrooms or whatever project you have been planning. However, your decision today will affect the future. To avoid encountering such problems, it is better to choose the right countertops that will suit your need.

Quartz is easily one of the most used materials for the construction of bathroom and kitchen surfaces due primarily to its high resistance to wear and aesthetic versatility.

Starting with a rigorous inspection of all incoming raw materials and ending with the application of the most advanced engineering technology and know-how by a team of highly skilled and trained staff, Caesarstone Sydney guarantees that the quality of the end product is unrivalled in the industry!


Do Caesarstone surfaces have high resistance?

All Caesarstone quartz surfaces are cured, gauged, meticulously calibrated, and polished to a perfect finish in a wide range of colours and designs.

Every surface undergoes rigorous quality testing to ensure it meets the highest standards of build quality as well as colour and hue consistency. Aside from that, Caesarstone quartz provides long-term solutions. It is known for having a quality, durability and beauty which make it an ideal choice for countertops.

How long is Ceasarstone’s Warranty?

What’s best is that Caesarstone provides all its customers with a Residential Lifetime Warranty from the original date of installation and that protects against any and all damage caused by material that fails due to manufacturing defects when fabricated and/or installed by a Certified Fabricator.

Premier Suppliers of Caesarstone

Whatever your next project, Caesarstone’s expanded line of finish options is sure to suit your needs. Whether you are looking for the standard polished look or would like to try incorporating a more adventurous textured surface into your designs, you can expect a plethora of options with Made in Stone.

Why choose Caesarstone for your kitchen?

One of the most critical junctions we face when we build or remodel our kitchens is deciding what material to use for our brand new countertops. While there are plenty of routes to go with, one of them consistently stands out above the rest. Caesarstone quartz offers the perfect combination of quality, price, and design aesthetic.

All Caesarstone quartz countertops are the result of decades’ long efforts in materials engineering, which means that they possess unrivalled resistance and durability without sacrificing their beauty. A wide variety of coloured pigments and resins are used to offer any design aesthetic imaginable. Caesarstone even allows for the accurate imitation of various other natural stones.