Considerations When Choosing A Stone Fabricator For A Kitchen Benchtop

Whether you are an interior designer, an architect or simply someone who is planning on redesigning your kitchen, it’s utterly inevitable to be particular about where you choose to source your marble benchtops from. No matter if you are selecting a kitchen benchtop for yourself or for a client, the last thing you would want is to have your marble benchtop delivered to you, and the quality is discerning.

Here at Made In Stone, we recommend doing your research on the business’ history and competencies before depending on them with your kitchen benchtop. This is the perfect way to ensure that you receive high-quality, undamaged and aesthetic benchtops.

As leading stone fabricators, Made In Stone deals with multiple reputable stone suppliers in Sydney, so we understand that it can be easy to become overwhelmed with all the information available regarding choosing your kitchen benchtop. Therefore, here are some factors to consider before you devote yourself to securing stone benchtops from a stone fabricator.

Are You In Need of a Stone Fabricator or Stone Supplier?

The first crucial step in securing your stone benchtops is to understand industry terminology to dictate which particular stone benchtop professional is necessary based on your certain renovation stage. 

For instance, stone fabricators custom cut and install various types of stone applications – from marble benchtops to stone fireplaces and granite staircases and more – to your specific requirements. Although, stone fabricators do not generally source the stone slabs themselves.

Stone suppliers purchase the raw stone abroad and store vast amounts of stone options in large warehouses until they are ready to be bought. Suppliers typically don’t sell to the public due to the fact that moving slabs requires heavy machinery and trucks; this must be done through a fabricator. Customers can usually visit the stone warehouses to observe and choose the slab they wish their stone fabricators to utilise. 

Does the Stone Fabricator Have Good Connections to Stone Suppliers?

Here at Made In Stone, we have excellent connections with various stone suppliers so that we are able to cut and install any type of stone benchtop that you desire. There is an extensive variety of stone materials available on the market, meaning that the possibilities are frequently immense for many homeowners and clients.

Whilst some stones may be optimal for a kitchen benchtop, they may not be ideal for your bathroom vanity top. For example, marble benchtops are soft stones that need additional care when placed in a harsh environment. It is beneficial for you to ask questions and depend on the stone fabricator’s industry expertise to educate you on which stone is most appropriate for your application.

Do They Have a Showroom?

When you are working with a stone fabricator and they have a showroom facility available onsite, it proves to you that they value convenience for all their customers and signifies as having sufficient and reputable vendor relationships. Seeing stone options in person is much preferred over looking through samples on a computer screen, where colours may be frequently distorted and not displayed in their real light.

If, in any circumstance, you do not find anything you are looking for, you may be gladly referred to a local wholesale stone supplier for more options. This also indicates that the company has a good working relationship with the wholesaler.

Many industry-leading products and displays are ready for you to see in our very own showroom. Conveniently located in Smithfield, you will see the most luxurious selection of stones.

Explore Their Client Reviews

Seeking word of mouth recommendations and finding out what others have to say about their experiences with a certain stone benchtop fabricator will make you feel secure in your decision. Customers tend to trust individuals that have spoken highly about a business as they presume that they have been delighted with the products and services they have received. Many stone benchtop fabricators also feature reviews from multiple sources and client testimonials on their website.

Check out our official Facebook page and Google reviews to see what our clients have said about their previous experiences. Positive reviews have allowed clients to gain trust and credibility towards our business. 

Ensure They Provide Quality Assurance

When selecting a stone benchtops fabricator for your kitchen benchtop, make certain that they provide a high-quality product and comply to the strictest quality control standards. You will always want a product that will last the test of time and be suitable to the application that you intended for.

As leading industry leaders, no job is too big or small for Made In Stone. We produce high-quality stone products, offering unique beauty and details sure to impress. Our high-quality workmanship creates bold, stylish and customised stone masterpieces for your kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanities, outdoor surfaces and everywhere in between.

Do They Have a Flexible Timeline?

Another thing to keep in mind is that stone fabricators will need to acquire numerous products before starting on your project. At first a timeline should be set, but it is important that you remain flexible.

Above all, it is sometimes impractical to stay on a precise schedule as obstacles that you may not have taken into consideration can willingly arise. That being the case, instilling a flexible schedule is favoured. 

Changes in the schedule are likely, which is why it is best to presume that the job may take longer than expected. Creating a flawless marble benchtop for your kitchen takes a long time. We commend that you authorise sufficient time for your stone fabricator to complete the project as efficiently as feasible.

Source the Best Kitchen Benchtops in Sydney

Your kitchen benchtop is an investment, so it is important to take into consideration these various factors when choosing a stone fabricator for your countertop. A good stone fabricator can make or break a project’s success.

So, if you need advice on installing a new kitchen island or new kitchen benchtops, consider selecting a stone kitchen benchtop from Made in Stone – Sydney’s leading stone fabricator. Contact Made in Stone today on (02) 9756 4599 or get a FREE kitchen benchtop quote online!

With over 25 years of industry experience, you will only get the highest quality Engineered Stones, Caesarstone, Silestone Calacatta Gold, Natural Stones, Marble Benchtops, Porcelain Materials and Granite kitchen benchtops Sydney, all from Made in Stone. So, call us today and ask us about our wide range of offcuts to choose from to help save some $$ in your renovations.

As a local Sydney stonemason, we cater to any customer requirement, whether you need a stone installation for your kitchen benchtop, bathroom vanity top, bar, outdoor barbecue area, fireplace, columns, etc. Our team are available to assist you. So, speak to the stone experts today!

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Cooking and preparing food is a daily task that is most often done, on your benchtops. Caesarstone benchtop surfaces require very little maintenance.

Smartstone Care and Maintenance

Smartstone quartz surfaces are designed to offer high performance with low maintenance, and being non-porous it will never need sealing or waxing. Only a little commonsense is needed to care for your Smartstone surface.

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Made in Stone will make the job easier for you. We provide a wide variety of reconstituted and engineered stone surfaces for a convenient way of finding something to suit your kitchen design. We offer you stone surfaces for flooring, wall cladding, kitchen countertops and more!

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For years, many architects and kitchen designers steered their clients away from natural stone benchtops such as marble, limestone and soapstone because of their porous, fragile nature, but people have eased up in their attitudes about having a perfect kitchen.

Quantum Quartz – The quintessential surface that defines quality

Quantum Quartz is a composite of natural minerals and rocks – made up of 93% natural quartz bound with resin, pigments and other fillers. It can be used in a variety of domestic and commercial interior applications including kitchen and vanity tops, flooring, wall cladding, furniture, and many more.

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The use of stone as an essential component of design is nothing new; in fact, stonemasons have been crafting structures with stone since time immemorial. When designing your home, stone is a viable material for use in the kitchen, bathrooms, and even the bedrooms.

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A remodel can yield more than a 100 percent return on investment. To get the greatest return, you must capture attention by highlighting the most prominent feature—your Caesarstone benchtops—that makes your kitchen beautiful and inviting.

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