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  • Engineered stone is a man-made composite material that dates all the way back to the late 1980’s. The main element in engineered stone is quartz, which is one of nature’s strongest known minerals and has unique properties.
  • Quantum Six contains over  93% natural quartz, these properties make it a unique engineered stone. The remaining components consist of a bonding agent, pigment and other additives which create the over 40 different varieties.
  • Quantum Six can be used in a variety of situations such as kitchen, vanity and other benchtop applications as well as flooring.
  • Quantum Six is both the designer and architect’s choice for an implementation that is not only stylish but is also low in maintenance and ultra hygienic. It is ideal for residential and commercial indoor applications.

Strike a balance between contrast or assimilation

• Strong resistance to staining
• High flexural strength
• Heat resistance

Creativity for Inspirational Design

Quartz surfaces have both excellent solidity and strength which allows for the widest possible choice of profile options available in natural stone products. This then inspires both architects and designers to fully explore creative concepts and shape them into practical applications.

Slab Dimensions

The slab dimensions of quartz surfaces are 1440 x 3040 which enables the absolute most flexibility and the utmost maximum utilisation of material. Slabs are available in two thicknesses – 20 mm and 30 mm to enable a multitude of applications.

Precision and Efficiency

Quartz surfaces can be used in a variety of areas such as private quarters, work or public spaces, and they are a solid asset that ensures value for money and a good return on investment for years to come. Quantum Quartz also has a very low maintenance requirement and is hygienic, making it perfect for practically any indoor application.


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