What is Silestone?

Silestone is the premium choice for kitchen benchtops, bathrooms, floors and wall cladding. It is a compound which is made of 90% natural quartz, giving it incredible strength, versatility and resilience.

This compound is also highly stain resistant, meaning that no matter what you spill on this surface whether it be juice, wine, or messy food, you can rest assured that after a quick wipedown your surface will still look brand new.

Quartz is king

Being a quartz surface, this surface type carries several advantages over a granite surface. Firstly, quartz is one of the hardest materials on earth, meaning you can be sure that your benchtop will be a worthy investment that will stand the test of time.

Quartz also has the advantage of being non-porous, this means that the texture does not allow bacteria to grow as easily and it also gives the products made from this material their amazing stain resistance. Therefore you can be assured that these surfaces will remain clean for years to come and are a safe choice for you and your family’s hygiene.

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Stain Resistant
• Non-porous
• High resistance to scratching
• High resistance to chipping
• High abrasion resistance
• High resistance to acids
• High resistance to oils


With the aim of being adapted to your style, this unique compound offers you different textures to any of your chosen applications.


Volcano is the new texture; soft and rustic, Volcano is the result of R&D effort to find an attractive surface that answers the market demand by extending the offer for those who loves the rugged materials.


The Suede finish is a remarkable textured surface that offers a uniquely soft touch and an effect that is pure beauty and elegance. Maintaining the same characteristics, its soft and remarkable touch and a total colour consistency give your projects an added value.


It’s the original polished quartz surface. The look and feel that stands the test of time. With glimmering radiance and the smooth feel of natural stone, Silestone’s original polished surface remains popular throughout the world. This deep and pure surface shows Silestone quartz with elegance and clarity.


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