Dekton Benchtops


Indoor & Outdoor Use
High Resistance to UV Rays
Superior Durability
Ultimate Heat-Resistance

What is Dekton Made of?

Dekton stone is a sophisticated blend of porcelain, glass and quartz. Dekton benchtops are engineered to withstand everyday marks and are a long-term product for any indoor application and, uniquely, any outdoor application.

Dekton’s best trait is high resistance to UV rays, which is usually a characteristic that only natural stone holds. Dekton benchtops are ultra-compact with superior durability that will not fade in the sun, do not need sealing, resist scratches from food prep, heat from cooking, extreme cold, and stains from liquids.

With Dekton stone, you get the durability of manufactured stone, with the style of natural stone. As a result, Dekton stone is the perfect material for many residential and commercial applications. Generally, this ultra-sophisticated material is versatile for every space, even under intense use and in high-traffic areas.

Dekton Benchtops

Dekton stone is a long-term product for those looking to turn their indoor or outdoor kitchen into a unique space. Dekton benchtops allow for greater installation potential in one piece with no cuts, joints or limits for a completely uniform surface.

Dekton benchtops combine the qualities expected by the chef in all of us. It is a clean surface that is nice to touch and resistant to all the daily grind that takes place in a kitchen over years of use. It is an ultra-sophisticated material for busy everyday life.

Dekton Cladding

The cladding of indoor and outdoor walls can be achieved by a single cladding system, using adhesive cement plaster directly on the outside of the building or the interior support wall, to which the Dekton stone pieces are stuck.

Dekton Floor Coverings

Dekton floor coverings are an excellent choice for environments with both a high performance and design requirement. Due to this surface’s superior strength and versatility, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments, giving you a huge amount of flexibility when choosing where you want to use Dekton.

Dekton Full Colour Range

With the aim of being adapted to your style, Dekton stone colours and textures come in various ranges, allowing for creative versatility to suit any chosen applications.

Industrial Collection

An extensive collection of steel, cement, and metal-inspired surfaces with rusted, oxidated and degraded finishes. These "urban characters" will enhance any type of contemporary or avant-garde décor.

Natural Collection

Based on patterned earth tones, with inspirations of cement, marble, fossilised organisms, sandstone, sepia, and much more, these natural surfaces will add an organic appearance to any environment.

Solid Collection

Stretching from tonalities of white, wood and ranges of blacks, these smooth shades bring a timeless and diverse style to any space.

Xgloss Natural

Inspired by shades of natural stones, these white-based surfaces feature sophisticated gold, grey, or yellow-coloured streaks reminiscent of marble.

Xgloss Solid

Focussed on smooth textures, these sleek monochrome tones offer exceptional brightness and a shiny appearance to any project.


Created to meet growing trends for the use of crystal white, solid blue and green tones in interior design. Discreet and elegant, they blend perfectly into any style.


Inspired by patterns of liquids moving and shades from nature, these materials inspire feelings of freshness, elegance and subtle visual movement.


Inspired by blends of natural stones, these materials utilise vibrant veined patterns and textures to create a hyper-realistic beauty.

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What is the Warranty for Dekton Benchtops?

In addition to Dekton’s technical excellence, innovation and design, the company provides a 25-year warranty on all its surfaces. Please take the time to read the full warranty on the Dekton website.

Is Dekton Suitable as a Kitchen Benchtop?

Yes. Dekton stone is a hygienic and pleasant-to-touch surface that can withstand the everyday grind of a kitchen over many years of usage. It’s a high-tech material that resists hectic daily living, capable of creating spaces that make food preparation a pleasurable experience.

Unlike other engineered stones, Dekton benchtops are highly temperature-resistant, meaning you can put a hot pan on the surface without worry. Plus, you can cut your vegetables straight on the counter if you want to, thanks to the unmatchable durability and scratch-resistance of Dekton benchtops.

Dekton’s raw materials create a sophisticated and appropriate material for all cooking styles, as its versatile characteristics make it possible to design indoor and outdoor benchtops with the same material for a cohesive aesthetic throughout your home.

Is Dekton Suitable as a Bathroom Vanity Top?

Yes. Dekton stone has low porosity, making it completely waterproof against liquids and ultra-resistant to stains, ideal for bathroom spaces. Water glides smoothly over the surface without ever penetrating, resulting in an extremely easy to clean surface.

Dekton bathroom vanity tops will satisfy even the most demanding users! With boundless choices of textures and colours, an endless source of inspiration for the design of water-related areas.

How Does Dekton Compare to Quartz Engineered Stones?

With porcelain as its main component, Dekon’s manufacturing process is incomparable to other manufactured stones on the market, which use quartz as their base.

When comparing Dekton’s porcelain base to the typical quartz-base of other engineered stones, durability and scratch resistance is one area where they differ. While both materials are scratch-resistant and durable when utilising quartz cutting boards for knives and trivets for hot pans are recommended to protect the benchtops from harm.

On the other hand, with Dekton stone, you can cut your vegetables straight on the benchtop if you want to. Plus, the glue used to produce most quartz engineered stones make the benchtops heat-sensitive, so putting a hot pan on the surface is a bad idea. However, you won’t have to worry about this with Dekton stone.

In addition, Dekton benchtops thrive in both indoor and outdoor environments, meaning homeowners can use the same material throughout their home for a cohesive aesthetic. Unlike quartz-based engineered stones, which are not suitable for outdoor placement.

Can Dekton be Used Outside?

Yes! Unlike most quartz-based engineered stones, Dekton stone is particularly suitable for installations in outdoor kitchens, stone alfrescos and barbecues due to its ultra-compact structure. Dekton benchtops provide strength and style to any outdoor space, giving them an undeniable personality and unlimited practicality. Dekton stone will resist even challenging use over time from stains, bumps, utensils, and high-temperature while maintaining its unchanging beauty.