Edge Profiles

Choose the Perfect Edge Profile for Your Kitchen Design

120+ designs. 19 edges. And just one surface that’s perfect for you. Once you choose a design, complete your plan by selecting a height and edge. Explore your edge profile options below.

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Why Do You Need to Choose an Edge Profile?

There are two reasons why choosing appropriate edge profiles for your stone benchtop are so important.

First, edge profiles significantly impact the stone benchtop’s performance, affecting everything from cleaning to safety. Since edges are the surface we come into contact with the most as we walk around and utilise the kitchen, the shape is essential for protecting and extending the life and performance of the stone benchtop.

Keep in mind that rounded edges, such as bullnose and pencil round, are more forgiving than square arris-edges and hence less susceptible to chipping. Edges with more intricacy are more expensive than conventional edges like pencil round and arris.

Second, edge profiles are important for aesthetics, with the correct edge dramatically influencing the design and style of your space. Within reason, the edge thickness can be as thick as you want. Your surface’s depth may add drama and refinement to your design.

Stone edge profiles are an important element of any benchtop, and they serve as a further element that can be personalised and altered to suit your own unique stylistic preferences. Don’t take these decisions lightly. Visit us at our fantastic new showroom and explore our fantastic range firsthand to ensure you select the right edge profile for you.


Pencil Edge 20mm


Bullnose Edge 40mm


Mitred Edge 40mm


Lambs Tongue 20mm


Arris-Edge 20mm


Bevelled Edge 20mm


Full Bullnose Edge 20mm


Sandwiched Edge 40mm


Shark Nose

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