YDL Quartz Benchtops


Creative Patterns
Scratch Resistant
Low Maintenance

What is YDL Quartz?

YDL quartz benchtops contain 93% natural quartz with 7% high-quality polymer resins and colour pigments, wherein the mixed materials are compacted under intense vibrations and pressures to form dense quartz slabs.

YDL quartz stone is tough, with a durable surface that repels spills and so liquids clean off effortlessly, all without needing ongoing sealing or maintenance.

Quartz can be used in a variety of applications such as kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanity tops and other benchtop applications as well as flooring and is ideal for residential and commercial indoor applications.

Designer Finishes that Impress

YDL quartz stone is the designer’s choice for luxury domestic and commercial surfaces. It’s easy to see why! With such advanced processing technology creating ideal marble-like colours and enduring benchtop shine.

Prestigious colours, stunning patterns, flawless finishes, and minimal maintenance YDL quartz stone is easier to work with, making it ideal for designers and high-end installations. Our range includes over 40 natural styles, including classic shades and bold, marbled showpieces that designers love.

You deserve the best in life. Now you can enjoy five-star surfaces, plus the feature finishes you’ve always dreamed of. Nothing beats the natural colouring and designer looks of YDL quartz stone. Its inspired European feel and premium quality brings style to any room.

YDL Quartz Full Range

Builder Range

Contemporary colours and subtle patterns feature throughout this range—ideal for domestic applications and commercial installs who want a classic finish.

Quartz Deluxe Range

With an emphasis on an eternal colour palette, the Deluxe Range is ideal for designs to stand the test of time.

Quartz Premium Range

Make an instant impact with bold patterns and designer colourings that are the hallmark of YDL's quality quartz stone products.

Quartz Premium Plus Range

Take your designer impact to the top level with even more powerful patterns and colours to give your room a true 5-star look. Every line in this range is dramatic with bold veining that is sought after by designers and architects.

Quartz Ultimate Range

Unique design, texture & colour. One & only.

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What is the Warranty for YDL Quartz Benchtops?

A 10 Year Limited Warranty covers YDL Quartz benchtops. Please take the time to read the full warranty on the YDL website.

Is YDL Quartz Suitable as a Kitchen Benchtop?

Yes. YDL quartz is suitable as a kitchen benchtop with high resistance against scratching, chipping, acids, oils, staining, and high flexural strength, ideal for combatting the intense daily use in a kitchen.

Although YDL quartz always recommends cutting your food on an appropriate chopping board and never directly on the YDL stone benchtop to avoid damaging kitchen knives or the surface of your benchtop.

Plus, quartz has moderate resistance to heat and is not affected by temperatures lower than 100°C (212°F), making the material ideal for kitchen splashbacks, kitchen island benchtops and more.

However, like all stone materials, YDL quartz can be damaged or discoloured by sudden and rapid temperature changes. Therefore, we do not recommend placing any hot kitchen devices – such as hot oven trays, pans, hot pots, electric frying pans etc. – directly from the hotplate or out of the oven onto the surface of YDL quartz benchtops. We always recommend the use of a hot pad or trivet to place hot items on.

Is YDL Quartz Suitable as a Bathroom Vanity Top?

Yes. YDL quartz is suitable as a bathroom vanity top since the product is made with 93% Natural Quartz, a non-porous material. Meaning you will never need to seal or wax your quartz vanity, and it will keep its glossy and smooth surface without polishing.

In addition, YDL quartz is designed to offer high performance with very little maintenance to keep the surface looking new for years to come. So, your quartz vanity will have high resistance against scratching, chipping, acids, oils, staining and high flexural strength.

How Does YDL Quartz Compare to Other Quartz Engineered Stones?

YDL quartz stone is a great affordable stone benchtop that is easy to work with—with a wide choice of designer colours, beautiful patterns, and finishes, making it perfect for designers and high-end installations.

The quartz stone benchtops that YDL provide are relatively durable, resistant to moisture, resistant to heat, resistant to scratches and do not break as quickly as granite does. As a result, you may anticipate long-term benchtops with many years of service.

YDL’s staff is well-versed in every aspect of providing the best quartz benchtops on the market. Our selection of product samples and information assures you are choosing the appropriate stone for a faultless finish.

Can YDL Quartz be Used Outside?

No. YDL quartz is not recommended for exterior use, as exposure to direct sunlight for prolonged periods can result in colour changes or fading and warping. Whilst some customers have opted to install YDL quartz in outdoor applications, external applications are not covered by YDL Stone 10 Year Limited Warranty.