Caesarstone Benchtops


World Leading Designs
Easy Care & Maintenance
Scratch & Stain Resistant

What is Caesarstone?

Caesarstone is created from up to 93% natural quartz aggregates, organic pigments and enhanced polymer resins. Caesarstone provides a surface with exceptional properties of heat, stain, scratch and chip resistance. Caesarstone is made from natural quartz and therefore has the potential for naturally occurring variations which can help make your slab something truly unique!

Caesarstone benchtops are resistant to cracks, scratches and stains, with low maintenance and non-porous qualities. Although, similar to most quartz-base benchtops, Caesarstone surfaces cannot endure extremely high heat, occasional heat contact is okay, but the Caesarstone benchtops colour may change over time with temperature changes.

Add Value When You Sell
Your House

If you read real estate listings for new homes, you’ll notice Caesarstone regularly highlighted as a key selling feature. Research shows that a kitchen with a Caesarstone benchtop is rated significantly higher than the same kitchen without Caesarstone on attributes including style, luxury, premium, high quality, durable and trusted.

Precision and Efficiency

The exceptional beauty, strength and durability of Caesarstone benchtops ensures value for money and returns on investment for years to come. Made in Stone constantly strives to ensure that Caesarstone benchtops are given the treatment it deserves and consistently ensures that the proper manufacturing process has been carried out.

Caesarstone Full Colour Range


A range of timeless classic designs with an array of colours and a popular salt-and-pepper motif that encapsulates the style, durability and finesse Caesarstone quartz benchtops are known for. Available in a very elegant, highly reflective polished finish that is smooth to the touch.


Inspired by the concrete aesthetic, from sleek concrete, raw concrete and fresh concrete designs. Available with popular finishes such as smooth polished, natural or concrete similar to a honed or matte finish.


Earthy tones and delicate veins are infused with intricacies and textures to create a versatile interior design range, including the classic Caesarstone marble-inspired designs.

Supernatural Ultra

Features unique marble-inspired designs, each offering a different classic aesthetic, with subtle or bolder features.

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What is the Warranty for Caesarstone Benchtops?

For added peace of mind, all Caesarstone® products come with a 10 Year Limited Warranty. Please take the time to read the full warranty on the Caesarstone website.

Is Caesarstone Suitable as a Kitchen Benchtop?

Yes. Caesarstone® quartz surfaces are virtually non-porous and are perfectly suited for kitchen areas or wherever food is prepared, as they greatly reduce the potential for bacterial growth. Caesarstone benchtops are free of mould and bacterial growth, as endorsed by the Public Health and Safety Company (NSF) in accordance with international NSF 51 sanitary standards.

Uniquely, Caesarstone benchtops are industry approved for installation in hospitals, restaurants, hotels and more.

Caesarstone is made out of up to 93% natural quartz, making Caesarstone benchtops very resistant and durable for the kitchen. However, to avoid damaging the surface or dulling your knife blades, it is always recommended to use a cutting board.

Caesarstone benchtops are heat resistant, as temperatures below 100°C (212°F) do not affect the material. Caesarstone, like any other stone, may be harmed by unexpected and fast temperature fluctuations. As a result, it is always recommended to place hot pots and pans on a heat trivet or wooden chopping board instead of directly on the Caesarstone benchtop, especially when using cooking equipment like electric frying pans, crock pots or toaster ovens.

Is Caesarstone Suitable as a Bathroom Vanity Top?

Yes. Caesarstone is a perfect solution for wet zones and bathroom vanity tops, as it is virtually non–porous, waterproof, mould resistant and mildew resistant, making Caesarstone benchtops ideal for bathroom applications. Large slabs provide a sleek and modern aesthetic, minimising joins and, therefore, maintenance.

How Does Caesarstone Compare to Other Quartz Engineered Stones?

Caesarstone is another reputable brand for quartz-based engineered benchtops. Caesarstone is resistant to cracks, scratches, and stains, with low maintenance and non-porous qualities.

Although, like most quartz-based benchtops, Caesarstone surfaces cannot endure extremely high heat, occasional heat contact is okay, but the Caesarstone surface may change colour over time with temperature changes.

Caesarstone is committed to a cleaner, safer, and better-quality environment. With a comprehensive environmental agenda commitment to ecologically responsible production processes. Striving to develop environmentally friendly products made with high levels of recycled materials and internationally recognised sustainable industrial standards and practices.

Uniquely, Caesarstone is consistently specified as the number 1 choice of brand for benchtops by Australia’s leading architects and designers. They trust the product for its durability, style and timelessness.

Plus, Caesarstone prides themselves on setting colour trends instead of following them. Caesarstone creates the world’s leading benchtop designs with a team of dedicated designers who devote themselves to the highly skilled craft of premium benchtop design. With Caesarstone, you are guaranteed a unique design that represents the essence of today and will stand the test of time.

Can Caesarstone be Used Outside?

Caesarstone Outdoor Collection surfaces are designed specifically for outdoor and alfresco use offering exceptional UV and weather protection. Plus, the Caesarstone Outdoor benchtops are protected by a 10-Year Limited Warranty.

To protect and prolong the life of your outdoor benchtops, it is recommended to cover them when not in use, cleaning any stains or residue as soon as possible and avoid leaving any metal utensils on the surfaces as they may cause rust or other unsightly stains.

We do not recommend using any other Caesarstone products externally as they have not been approved for prolonged UV ray exposure. Whilst some customers have opted to install these Caesarstone products in outdoor applications, external applications of these products are not covered by the 10 Year Limited Warranty.