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Kitchen benchtops can make or break the design of your home’s most important room. The team at Made in Stone take the design and implementation of your kitchen benchtops very seriously to ensure they cater to your ideal décor and homely feeling.

While some companies may take shortcuts or take the easy route with their kitchen benchtop designs and implementations, we believe that your kitchen deserves nothing but the very best. We pride ourselves on making bold design decisions and constantly push ourselves for nothing but perfection.

Whether you’re going for a rustic, classic, contemporary, modern, or avant-garde aesthetic, colour palette or design, we have the solution. Made in Stone offers an extensive range of natural stones and engineered stone products in an endless collection of easily adaptable colours and styles to suit any colour scheme and kitchen design.

We Work with You Every Step of the Way

At Made in Stone, we help with the design, manufacturing and implementation of your kitchen stone benchtops. We want to bring our burning passion for design to your kitchen and help create the space you’ve always dreamed of. Whether it be a modern, classic, rustic or any other look you can think of, we do it all.

Ready to kick-start your kitchen upgrade? Or need something completely different? Our team of stonemasons are highly skilled at creating unique & fully custom stone installations. Tell us what you have in mind, and we’ll work with you to bring it to life. Contact Us for expert stonemasonry advice or browse Our Gallery for more inspiration.

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What is the Best Stone for a Kitchen Benchtop?

When choosing your ideal kitchen stone benchtop, the most vital factor is knowing how you intend to use your kitchen, which will help you decide your budget and aesthetic choices.

In general, the most widely recommend stone material for an indoor kitchen benchtop is engineered stone, which is either quartz-based or porcelain-based. Engineered stones are carefully tailored to ensure the material can withstand the intense everyday use a kitchen benchtop receives. Most types of engineered stones offer high durability and great hygienic qualities, such as water, heat and stain-resistance, as well as being an easy to clean surface that does not require much ongoing maintenance or re-sealing.

Quartz kitchen benchtops are a type of engineered stone that contains 90-93% natural forming quartz, which is the hardest material on earth! At Made in Stone, the Quartz kitchen benchtops we sell include Caesarstone, YDL Quartz, Silestone and Smartstone. Quartz stone is a tough, non-porous, long-lasting, and visually attractive benchtop that requires little upkeep.

Porcelain kitchen benchtops are the other popular type of engineered stone constructed from powdered clay and coloured pigment. It is a denser, less porous and more durable stone than quartz. At Made in Stone, we sell Dekton, the most popular type of porcelain stone in the industry, Dekton is very resistant to heat, stains, UV, scratches, abrasion and freezing.

On the other hand, natural stone is the ideal benchtop pick for luxury and high-end kitchens wanting a one-of-a-kind feature piece in their home. All types of natural stones will suit the kitchen benchtop application, but particularly granite and marble are the most popular choices due to their robust qualities and opulent appearances.

How Much Does a Kitchen Stone Benchtop Cost?

The cost of a kitchen stone benchtop varies widely depending on the stone itself and the intensity of the installation.

The cost of a stone slab is mainly determined by the procedure involved in preparing it for installation. For example, the size of the benchtop and the number of cut-outs you need – for a sink, tap, drainage, etc. – will add to the overall cost.

Generally, for initial stone prices, there are 4-5 distinct cost levels within any stone brand, ranging from a “regular” collection to a “deluxe” or “exclusive” collection. But in addition, the stone’s rarity, thickness, colour, popularity, manufacturing methods and shipping costs are all variables that make some kitchen stone benchtops more costly than others.

Plus, despite popular belief, some varieties of natural stone can be less expensive than engineered stones! So, it pays to shop around before making your final kitchen benchtop decision. At Made in Stone, we offer many benchtop products to suit all budgets!

Finally, stone installations themselves can vary greatly, which results in widely different final costs. Considerations such as kitchen size, access to the site and site location affect final costs.

To find out precisely how much a kitchen stone benchtop will cost you, get an online quote from the Made in Stone experts today!

What is the Standard Thickness of Kitchen Stone Benchtops?

A standard kitchen stone benchtop thickness is 20mm, but you may increase it in 20mm increments to whatever you like within reason, e.g., 40mm, 60mm and up.

Thinner kitchen benchtops typically have a lighter and more subtle look on a space, compared to a thicker kitchen benchtop which can appear heavier and tends to dominate an area.

Larger kitchens might benefit from thicker kitchen benchtops, as they fill up the room and appear more proportionate to the area. On the other hand, if your kitchen is small, a thinner benchtop may be more preferable since it will seem less overpowering and cluttered.

What is the ideal thickness for your kitchen design? It all boils down to personal tastes and the style you are creating in the space. Your Made in Stone designer can assist you in determining the optimum edge profile and slab thickness for your kitchen benchtop.