Quantum Quartz Benchtops


Strong Resistance to Staining
High Flexural Strength
Heat Resistance

What is Quantum Quartz?

Quantum Quartz is an engineered composite material that contains over 93% natural quartz, one of nature’s strongest known minerals. Originally produced in the late 1980s, Quantum Quartz is manufactured by one of Australia’s longest-running and well-respected stone manufacturers, WK Marble and Granite.

Quantum Quartz has over 40 design varieties and is both the designer and architect’s choice for a stylish, low-maintenance and ultra-hygienic stone benchtop.

Creativity For
Inspirational Design

Quartz surfaces have excellent solidity and strength, allowing for the widest possible choice of profile options available in natural stone products. This then inspires both architects and designers to explore creative concepts and shape them into practical applications.

Slab Dimensions

Quantum Quartz surfaces offer excellent design flexibility with a stunning selection of slab dimensions to choose from. Starting at standard sizing of 1440 x 3040 up to XL slabs measuring 3210 x 1610 x 20mm. These dimensions enable absolute flexibility and utmost maximum utilisation of the material. Slabs are available in two thicknesses – 20 mm and 30 mm to allow a multitude of applications.

Precision And Efficiency

Quantum Quartz can be used in various areas such as residential and commercial indoor applications and is a solid asset that ensures value for money and a good return on investment for years to come. Quantum Quartz requires very low maintenance and is ultra-hygienic, making it perfect for practically any indoor application.

Quantum Quartz Full Colour Range

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What is the Warranty for Quantum Quartz Stone Benchtops?

Quantum Quartz surfaces offer a 10 Year Limited Warranty. Please take the time to read the full warranty on the WK Marble and Granite website.

Is Quantum Quartz Suitable as a Kitchen Benchtop?

Yes. Quantum Quartz is a popular choice for kitchen benchtops. Its high-performance durability, non-porous qualities, smooth surface, and minimal maintenance make this stone an ideal kitchen surface that will look beautiful and new for a long time. A quantum quartz kitchen benchtop is a truly an all-rounder that benefits from a huge range of qualities, making it a wise inclusion in a variety of homes.

The elegance that Quantum Quartz benchtops radiate draws people to this stone, as a Quantum Quartz slab instantly elevates the look of your space. Quantum Quartz stones are available in various colours, including traditional whites, earth tones, and striking blacks. Designs vary from stone to stone, so let your imagination go wild when choosing a Quantum Quartz stone.

Quantum Quartz is exceptionally long-lasting and robust as a kitchen benchtop. For enthusiastic home chefs, Quantum Quartz is a fantastic choice. You can be confident that your Quantum Quartz stone will keep its quality no matter how frequently you use it, as the stone is non-porous, resistant to stains, scratches, chips, acids, oils, and maintains its integrity when exposed to heat.

Plus, Quantum Quartz is simple to keep clean due to its non-porous quality. With a simple wipe of a moist, soft cloth, stains should be easily removed off your kitchen benchtop. Cleaning up after a cooking session will be a snap due to its resistance to spills and stains. If you’re looking for a quality stone benchtop that can offer a huge array of benefits, quantum quartz may be the stone you’ve been looking for.

Is Quantum Quartz Suitable as a Bathroom Vanity Top?

Yes. Quantum Quartz is a great option for a stone bathroom vanity top, as Quartz is one of the hardest minerals on earth and is naturally resistant to moisture, stains, and bacteria.

Above all, the primary consideration for selecting the best stone for your bathroom vanity is a non-porous stone. As benchtops get innately wet, the vanity is likely to deteriorate quickly and prematurely if a stone can’t handle frequent contact with water. Unlike natural stones, Quantum Quartz is naturally waterproof and does not require any sealing.

Plus, Quantum Quartz is simple to keep clean due to its non-porous quality. With a simple wipe of a moist, soft cloth, stains should be easily removed off your bathroom vanity top.

How do Quantum Quartz Benchtops Compare to Other Engineered Stones?

There are several quartz brands on the market today that look beautiful and offer good value. What sets Quantum Quartz apart is that it is manufactured by one of Australia’s longest-running and well-respected stone manufacturers. In the late 1980s, WK Marble and Granite began producing the engineered stone called Quantum Quartz.

Quantum Quartz is a beloved Aussie brand that now offers a large selection of engineered stones. With over 40 distinct designs, there is something for any need and preference. Benchtops, splashbacks, vanities, and surrounds are just a few of the applications for Quantum Quartz manufactured stones.

Can Quantum Quartz Benchtops Be Used Outside?

No. The company does not recommend Quantum Quartz for use in exterior applications. Quantum Quartz, when exposed to direct sunlight, may result in colour change and warping. It is advisable to avoid direct sunlight over a prolonged period on the surfaces used in the above applications. Nevertheless, quantum quartz does make for a fantastic kitchen benchtop or bathroom vanity, allowing you to achieve a consistent aesthetic throughout your home’s internal areas.