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We are a family-owned business that has built a reputation in the stone industry through our decades of commitment. We provide a high-quality range of natural, porcelain and engineered stone designs to best suit your kitchens, bathrooms, bars, outdoor barbecue areas, columns and many more areas. Offering efficient, quality workmanship within Sydney and the surrounding area!


Why Choose Made in Stone

Since our humble beginning as a family-run business, our continuing mission is to capture nature’s gift with natural stone benchtops and modernise homes with porcelain and engineered stone benchtops.


Browse our extensive range of top-quality stone products, offering unique beauty and details sure to impress.

25+ Years'

We constantly exceed customer expectations for top quality work thanks to our decades of stone production, fabrication, and installation experience.


Add style and sophistication to your home with our immaculate craftsmanship and quality stone products.

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Get inspired for your stone project by exploring the latest design trends, industry advice and company news from the experts at Made in Stone.

Do’s And Don’ts Of Cleaning Your Marble Stone Benchtops

The choice of a marble stone benchtop is undoubtedly a decision you will not regret. From the complexity and authenticity of each benchtop’s design to the delicate and opulent aesthetic, there are…


How Long Do Stone Benchtops Take to Make?

Contact our friendly staff for a tailored time frame.

Do You Sell Offcuts?

Yes. Made in Stone has a large variety of stone offcuts. We have over 1,000 offcuts to choose from in many different colours and sizes in engineered stone, natural stone and porcelain.

Can I Install My New Stone Benchtop Myself?

When filling out your quote, you have the option to have your stone as “supply only”. However, the default option is installation & on-site measures, since stone benchtops are always recommended to be installed by professionals such as Made in Stone stonemasons.

How Long Does Installation Take?

A standard kitchen may only take a couple of hours at most for stone benchtop installation. However, if you have a larger than standard area, stone benchtop installation may take half a day to a full day.

What Areas in Sydney Do You Service?

We offer our stone benchtops across Sydney and to surrounding areas.

Is There a Warranty Against Stone Benchtop Cracks?

Both natural and manufactured stone dealers do not provide a warranty for cracks. Cracks are an uncommon occurrence that can occur as a result of shifting foundations or cabinets, dumping a large object, or standing on the benchtop. These slabs are incredibly durable, having withstood international transportation, vehicle movements, and manufacturing.

Are All Types of Stones Available as Samples?

Samples can be obtained by the supplier directly. However, we do carry samples to provide to customers in our showroom. Though we may not have all options and do not carry natural stone samples, customers are welcome to take samples home from our showroom. It is recommended that you visit our showroom to get a good feel for the variety of products on offer.