Silestone Benchtops


Extreme Resistance to Stains
Zero-Liquid Absorption
Resistance Against Bacterial Growth
Resistance Against Chipping
High Abrasion Resistance

What is Silestone Made of?

Silestone is the premium choice for kitchen benchtops, bathrooms, floors and wall cladding. The compound is made of 94% natural quartz, giving it incredible strength, versatility and resilience.

Silestone is the best option for those who desire the aesthetic of natural stone because Silestone caters to a natural aesthetic but offers much more durability with engineered Quartz characteristics.

Specifically, Silestone holds non-porous qualities, high resistance to stains, scratches and even bacterial growth. Uniquely, no matter what you spill on your Silestone benchtops, whether it be juice, wine, or messy food, you can rest assured that after a quick wipe, your surface will still look brand new.

At Made in Stone – Sydney’s premier choice for Silestone – we offer more than 90 Silestone colours and three texture options.

Special Features of Silestone

Being a quartz surface, Silestone benchtops carry several advantages over a granite natural stone surface. Firstly, quartz is one of the hardest materials on earth, meaning you can be sure that your Silestone benchtop will be a worthy investment that will stand the test of time.

Silestone benchtops receive special treatments that enhance the stone’s resistance from the daily kitchen routine. Resulting in the best-engineered stone on the market with the best resistance to stains, guaranteeing zero-liquid absorption and good resistance against bacteria growth. In addition, Silestone benchtops have low porosity and high resistance to acids, scratches, shocks, chips, resistance, and oils.

Therefore, you can be assured that your Silestone benchtops will remain clean for years to come and are a safe choice for you and your family’s hygiene.

Silestone Textures

With the aim of being adapted to your style, Silestone compounds uniquely offer three luxurious textures for any of your chosen applications.


The volcano is the new texture, soft and rustic. Volcano is the result of an R&D effort to find an attractive surface that answers the market demand by extending the offer for those who love rugged materials.


Suede is a remarkable textured surface that offers a uniquely soft touch and an effect that is pure beauty. Maintaining the same characteristics, its soft and remarkable touch and a total colour consistency, add value to your projects.


With glimmering radiance and the smooth feel of natural stone, Silestone’s original polished surface stands the test of time. This deep and pure surface shows Silestone quartz with elegance and clarity.

Silestone Full Colour Range

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What is the Warranty for Silestone Benchtops?

Silestone is the only brand that gives a certified 25 years warranty for all Silestone® quartz surfaces. Please take the time to read the full warranty on the Silestone website.

Is Silestone Suitable as a Kitchen Benchtop?

Yes. It’s no coincidence that thousands of people from all over the world have chosen Silestone for their homes, ideally for kitchen benchtops, kitchen islands, splashbacks, flooring and more.

Silestone combines beauty and functionality in a space that becomes the main feature in your home. Specifically, this engineered quartz benchtop is resistant to almost any condition, from resistance to even the toughest stains and liquids such as coffee, wine and lemon juice, high-scratch resistance, and impact resistance.

Uniquely Silestone benchtops offer a wide range of integrity kitchen sinks so your kitchen sink can seamlessly match your kitchen benchtops. Design, functionality, and minimalism through your kitchen can create your perfect space.

Plus, thanks to Silestone’s large format, your kitchen will be a space where visual harmony will become your greatest ally, creating a unique and uninterrupted surface.

Is Silestone Suitable as a Bathroom Vanity Top?

Yes. The properties of Silestone make it an ideal choice not only for bathroom benchtops and bathroom vanities but also for bathroom basins, floors, and wall tiles so that you can enjoy beautiful and resilient surfaces for longer.

Since Silestone is non-porous and resistant to liquids, your Silestone bathroom vanity top will have the perfect resistance to the high humidity conditions that make finding a bathroom material difficult.

Particularly, your bathroom needs a durable material with superior quality and resilience. Cleaning products can be harsh on some stone benchtops, but Silestone stands up to chemical agents with quality and strength, so your bathroom vanity top will stay looking new for longer.

How Does Silestone Compare to Other Quartz Engineered Stones?

Like other engineered stone products, Silestone is a thick, non-porous quartz stone that offers durability, scratch resistance, and stain resistance without the need for regular sealing or waterproofing. When compared to other engineered and manufactured stone products, Silestone contains the largest amount of natural quartz, at 94% Natural Quartz!

In addition, Silestone was the first and only stone benchtop manufacturer to include bacteriostatic product protection built-in in 2005. While bacteriostatic product protection does not protect consumers from foodborne diseases and is not a replacement for proper cleaning, it does make benchtops simpler to clean and maintain.

Plus, Silestone’s staff has over 70 years of expertise in the international stone business, and the company has a distribution network that reaches all of Australia’s east coast.

Compared to natural stone, Silestone’s colour constancy is better than granite’s, making it easy to choose colours from samples without going to too many stone yards. Silestone benchtops are available in a variety of colours, so selecting a Silestone benchtop that blends in with the rest of your kitchen is easy.

In particular, Silestone Calacatta Gold is a very popular choice for creating a contemporary kitchen. Silestone Calacatta Gold is particularly ideal for homeowners who wish to mix metals in their kitchen and utilise a combination of gold and silver accents.

Silestone is also essentially maintenance-free, as it does not require sealing and is simple to clean, unlike natural stones, which requires regular maintenance.

Can Silestone be Used Outside?

No. Silestone should not be placed outdoors or even put in areas with high UV lighting, as over the years, the colour and shade of Silestone products may suffer from the effect of the sun’s rays.