QuantumSix+ Benchtops


Suitable for Outdoors
High Scratch & Chip Resistance
High Abrasion Resistance

What is QuantumSix+?

QuantumSix+ is a porcelain sheet that replicates the finest examples of marble and other natural stones. With premium Italian made quality, QuantumSix+ surfaces capture the beauty of natural stone with all the durability and versatility large porcelain sheets offer. Unlike engineered stone, QuantumSix+ porcelain is UV stable and can be used outdoors.

Thanks to variations in grain and composition, customers have an endless selection of QuantumSix+ designs to choose from, offering the unique aesthetic of natural stone whilst upholding the highly durable quality of manufactured stones that does not require any sealing.

Slab Dimensions

QuantumSix+ is available in extra-large porcelain sheets at 3200x1600x6/12mm and smaller porcelain sheets in select colours at 2400x1200x6mm. QuantumSix+ can be cut to the preferred size and shape of the customer, which eliminates grout lines, meaning less cleaning and a more seamless application.

The porcelain material is thin and lightweight at 6mm and 12 mm thick, making it easier to work with than natural stone. Customers will enjoy the significant cost savings of QuantumSix+ compared to natural stones whilst still getting a benchtop made from natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly materials.


QuantumSix+ can be used for the following applications:

  • Splashback
  • Benchtops (12mm only)
  • Outdoor cladding
  • Indoor cladding
  • Flooring
  • Wet areas
  • Furniture
  • Stairs
  • Fireplace surrounds
  • BBQ Areas

QuantumSix+ Full Colour Range

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What is the Warranty for QuantumSix+ Benchtops?

QuantumSix+ surfaces come with a 10 Year Limited Warranty. Full details are available online. Please take the time to read the full warranty on the WK Marble and Granite website.

Is QuantumSix+ Suitable as a Kitchen Benchtop?

Yes. QuantumSix+ porcelain is suitable as a kitchen benchtop which provides a comfortable and luxurious environment for cooking.

QuantumSix+ is a high density and low-porous porcelain material ideal for use in food preparation zones. QuantumSix+ kitchen benchtops are highly resistant to food stains, bacterial growth, and liquid absorption, requiring no sealing. In contrast to low-density natural stones where liquid stains are impossible to remove, causing bacteria to develop, think of red wine rings on Marble.

Porcelain’s hardness also makes QuantumSix+ kitchen benchtops excellent around cutting surfaces as it has exceptional scratch and abrasion resistance. QuantumSix+ porcelain benchtops are also heat and fire-resistant, making it an excellent kitchen benchtop and kitchen splashback surface around gas cooktops and ovens.

Is QuantumSix+ Suitable as a Bathroom Vanity Top?

Yes. QuantumSix+ is a low-porous stone meaning the surface is waterproof against liquids and ultra-resistant to stains, making it an ideal bathroom vanity top material. QuantumSix+ does not absorb liquids, and the surface is also effortlessly easy to clean as water will wipe straight off.

How Does QuantumSix+ Benchtops Compare to Engineered Stones?

QuantumSix+ is manufactured using the latest technology SACMI 2+, which supersedes the technology currently used by other manufacturers. There is no “tension” in the QuantumSix+ sheets, since it is manufactured using the latest porcelain sheet technology, other manufacturers using older manufacturing lines may produce sheets with tension resulting in a slower manufacturing process.

One of the best advantages of QuantumSix+ is the extra-large sheet sizes (3.2m X 1.6m) which can be cut to size—resulting in zero grout lines, less cleaning, and a more seamless application.

Plus, QuantumSix+ has achieved the following certifications in the European marketplace: Eco Label, Bureau Veritas, LEED, and Green Guard.

Can QuantumSix+ Benchtops Be Used Outside?

Yes! Unlike engineered benchtops, QuantumSix+ porcelain benchtops are uniquely UV and weather-resistant, meaning there is no issue with installing this material outdoors. Porcelain benchtops are the only benchtop products warrantied for outdoor use in direct sunlight and completely exposed to the elements.