Essastone Benchtops


Low Maintenance
Impact Resistant
Water Repellent

What is Essastone?

Essastone is made from up to 95% natural quartz, Essastone is remarkably resilient and virtually maintenance-free with high resistance to stains, scratches and heat. Immaculately designed and crafted in Europe, Essastone encapsulates the superior functionality of engineered stone with finishes so beautiful, they are a work of art.

Essastone benchtops are more than a showpiece; they’re the central point of your home – a place for family and friends to gather for years to come. That’s why Essastone is designed to reduce staining, scratching, and citric acid marks, making any messes quick and easy to clean.

Essastone can be used in a range of vertical and horizontal applications in commercial and residential spaces, including kitchen benchtops, bathroom vanity tops, splashbacks, furniture, and internal wall cladding.


Essastone Collections

Fresh sophistication merges with classical allure in the Essastone European-made collections. Featuring beautifully veined marble looks, subtle and bold aggregates, and industrial style concretes, the Essastone range offers endless design possibilities.

Inspired by the way we live, the Essastone colour palette encompasses the textures and tones of our diverse Australian lifestyle.

  • Whites: Reflecting today’s design environments, from the purest whites to warmer tones, allowing striking features for classic and contemporary spaces.
  • Marbles: Make a luxurious statement with a delicate or sweeping veined marble and create the high-end look of natural stone without the compromises.
  • Concretes: This sleek range is authentic and robust in texture, reflecting a strong modern aesthetic, giving a cool edge to any contemporary environment.
  • Minerals: Inspired by natural elements from the earth, these timeless tones and subtle feature colours will effortlessly complement your interior.


Essastone is available in a wide variety of finishes. Matte, honed, weathered and igneous finishes have the same durability characteristics but require additional care to maintain stain and scratch resistance compared to Essastone gloss finish.

  • Gloss: Finely polished to an ultrasmooth, highly reflective finish that intensifies the colour of the stone.
  • Weathered: Shallow dimples, ripples and creases develop during the unique production process to create the appearance of a concrete slab weathered by the elements. No two slabs will be identical.
  • Matte/Honed: A smooth and even matte finish, pleasing to the touch and minimal reflection.
  • Igneous: An innovative matte finish with small areas of slightly higher gloss and a slightly uneven sub texture that produces a natural feel.

Essastone Full Colour Range

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What is the Warranty for Essastone Benchtops?

An exceptional 15-year limited warranty backs every Essastone slab. Please take the time to read the full warranty on the Laminex website.

Is Essastone Suitable as a Kitchen Benchtop?

Yes. Essastone is a tremendous tactical and durable stone suitable as a kitchen benchtop. Essastone is water repellent, stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, citric acid resistant, heat resistant, and food safe certified, making any kitchen benchtop messes quick and easy to clean.

Essastone is scratch, cut, chip and stain-resistant. However, no surface, including Essastone, is indestructible. Following the care and maintenance guidelines will help you keep your Essastone kitchen benchtops looking great.

While the Essastone surface is meant to endure regular everyday wear and tear. Remember, when taking hot objects straight from any heat source, use protective trivets and heat pads, as thermal shock fractures can occur due to prolonged or abrupt severe temperature fluctuations.

Also, remember to not cut directly on Essastone kitchen benchtops, use cutting boards and be careful not to drop or move heavy things on the surface. Essastone kitchen benchtops require no sealing or special cleaning products. Essastone is made from natural quartz; therefore, variations in colour and patterns may occur.

Is Essastone Suitable as a Bathroom Vanity Top?

Yes. Essastone is ideal for bathroom vanity tops, splashbacks, and other wet areas. The surface is completely non-porous, meaning water will easily wipe off, leaving no watermarks or liquid stains behind. Essastone also requires no sealing or special cleaning products and is stain-resistant, scratch-resistant, and heat resistant.

With a diverse range of colours and patterns, Essastone caters for classical, contemporary, and emerging designs with high gloss finishes to suit any bathroom décor and a home’s overall aesthetic.

How do Essastone Benchtops Compare to Other Engineered Stones?

Essastone benchtops are not only very durable with a wide range of colours but they are produced to match other styles within the manufacturer’s collection at Laminex Australia. This offers customers an even more comprehensive range of unique, matching, and complementary stone designs to choose from.

Advanced technology and manufacturing techniques ensure that Essastone quartz slabs are produced to a consistently high standard.

Essastone adds style, luxury, and sophistication to any space. Offering the enduring appeal of 95% natural quartz, which is one of the highest in the industry, a contemporary palette of designs, and an exceptional 15-year limited warranty, it’s guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Can Essastone Benchtops Be Used Outside?

No. Essastone quartz surfaces are not recommended for use in exterior applications where the product is exposed to direct sunlight outside the roof area. Use in these applications will void the limited warranty. Direct roof area refers to covering by the formal roofline of the property. Vergola or similar opening roof applications, acrylic sheeted roof products, sail and/or textile coverings are not considered a formal roof for this application.