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Vanity Tops

Buying bathroom vanity tops isn’t just about picking a vanity basin and stashing away the clutter. Your choice of basin and vanity unit adds (or takes away) a lot from the overall decor. The team here at made in stone loves making custom vanity tops and we understand just how important this unit is to your bathroom and how much it can affect the overall feel of your bathroom.

Here in our factory, we work hard to make nothing but the best vanity tops every single day. We can do a whole range of different styles and designs, from integrated basins with reconstituted and natural stone, to fit stone to have under counter or above counter basins.

At Made in Stone we go beyond standard vanity tops. We constantly strive to push design trends in new ways and we encourage you to let us help you explore these new trends to make your room something truly special. For example, if you are building a new bathroom you may not necessarily want a separate piece of material to be used for the basin. We can custom design and fabricate a vanity top that is both functional all the while only being manufactured using one piece of material to retain the vanity top’s elegance and style.

Your Vanity Your Way

High-end design and style

A large bathroom vanity with designated drawers for each family member will need planned sections. You can combine a double vanity and bathroom shelves to form a sort of storage station. Leave wet bathroom storage for shower shelves and water-proof corner vanities.

It would be unfortunate if you invested in an excellent bathroom vanity only to realise that there’s no room for your rogue hair dryer. Avoid this issue by making room for plug points and plumbing right into your bathroom vanities. Maybe some bathroom shelves placed around the vanity can catch any fallout clutter too.

There are hundreds of material and design options available. We can help you create your dream vanity tops today.

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