How to Choose the Best Bathroom Vanity Top

By March 8, 2021News

Bathroom vanities have a tough job. They must be durable against the everyday morning rush, with high resistance to water, soaps and cosmetics, while needing to exude a sense of luxury as a beautiful focal point in the bathroom.

Stone is an excellent choice for a vanity top, its qualities uphold well against intense bathroom use, and with so many different types of stones available, there is a perfect match for any bathroom style.

At Made in Stone, we want to make your bathroom feel as high-end as possible and suit your unique style. We often get asked – what stone should I use for my bathroom vanity top? This is why we have put together this handy guide, so you won’t have any bathroom regrets by knowing the necessary features to consider when selecting your stone vanity top.

While your bathroom’s aesthetics is an essential factor to consider, as you deserve to get the style you like, the structural requirements of your bathroom vanity are much more critical. However, nowadays, with the advancements of technology, there are endless amounts of stone styles and colours that hold very well in a busy family bathroom. The most important qualities your bathroom vanity should have include:

  • Obviously, the bathroom gets very wet, so a non-porous material is a must when choosing your bathroom vanity stone. Making your vanity easier to clean, has a low slip resistance and is less likely to stain.
  • Resistant against stains, scratch, mould and mildew. Even though your bathroom benchtops will never endure as much pressure as your home’s kitchen benches do, it is still important to select a material with superior durability and strength. As a high-quality stone will be a more cost-effective option in the long run.
  • Easy cleaning. No matter what stone you pick – natural, engineered, porcelain, etc. – you still need to be cautious about how you clean the surface. Most bathroom cleaners hold harsh and abrasive chemicals which can prematurely damage your bathroom vanity and strip off the finish, avoid these and don’t scrub with rough brushes. Instead, opt for plant-based cleaning products with a pH-neutral cleaner and a soft cloth when cleaning up germs, spills and water.

Engineered Stone vs Natural Stone for Bathroom Vanities in Sydney

Above all, the primary consideration for selecting the best stone variety for your bathroom vanity is a non-porous stone (Engineered). As benchtops get innately wet, if a stone can’t handle frequent contact with water, the vanity is likely to deteriorate quickly and prematurely. If you do choose natural stone, you will have to consider the cost of frequent maintenance, as the stone will need to be resealed often.

While natural stone has been the go-to for gorgeous benchtops for centuries. Modern technology has improved the resistance and durability of natural stone, whilst still offering the stunning beauty of natural materials.

Engineered stone is a scientifically developed stone that contains a minimum of 93% natural forming quartz. Unlike natural stones, Quartz is naturally waterproof and does not require any sealing. Hence, engineered stone is a widely recommended material for bathroom vanities in Sydney, because it is completely non-porous.

After all, man-made stone alternatives are manufactured with Quartz, one of the hardest minerals on earth. Engineered stone surfaces have superior durability compared to Natural Stone tops, whose resistance against scratches are high. Engineered stone surfaces are certified using the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards.

Porcelain Bathroom Vanities

As the hardest and most durable clay material available, porcelain is also beautifully aesthetically with a soft-looking appearance. Structurally and visually, porcelain offers the best of both worlds. No matter your bathroom style, this stone has the customisability to seamlessly blend in or be the standout piece in your new bathroom.

Alike all engineered stones, porcelain is an excellent choice for a bathroom vanity due to its non-porous structure – with an absorption rate of <.5% – and a higher durability against scratches, stains and bacteria. Although, porcelain is a cut above the rest, as it is uniquely heatproof! Meaning you can place a hair straighter directly on the bench with no damage to the benchtop, an excellent quality for bathrooms under intense use.

At Made in Stone, we provide many sought-after suppliers for their styles, colours and finishes, so your vanity top is guaranteed to complement your décor.

Sourcing the Best Stone Bathroom Vanity in Sydney

Not only will a new bathroom vanity completely revamp your space to suit your liking, but it is the most effortless bathroom renovation, without requiring much work or an entire remodel. Ready to pick out your next stone bathroom vanity?

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