6 Chic Ways to Use Marble in Your Home

By December 23, 2020January 15th, 2021News

Marble is a form of limestone which is famous for its luxurious aesthetic and durability, with a large variety of colours, patterns, styles and types available, this natural stone exceeds the variety of engineered benchtops. Due to its unique qualities, marble stone makes unique centrepieces in your home, that are sure to make big impressions on your guests, with no two pieces cut precisely alike.

Historically, marble surfaces have been used for hundreds of years as sturdy and beautiful stones, classically seen in iconic architectures from ancient Greek and Roman cultures, to the primary material used in the Taj Mahal. Marble is a natural stone that will never go out of style.

At Made in Stone, there are six chic ways we recommend using marble, the perfect ways to bring natural elements into your modern home.

Marble Kitchen Benchtops

Modern kitchen countertops are now a multifunctional space, from a casual gathering spot, a spacious entertaining area and a functional food prep area. Although every year at Made in Stone, we are asked to construct more elaborate island counters, allowing more guests to fit into the space. A large marble kitchen benchtop is the ideal entertaining area to nibble on snacks, enjoy drinks and accompany the chef without getting in the way of their cooking, making kitchens feeling less tight and cluttered.

Marble stone is now a popular option for kitchen benchtops as the surface is effortless to clean. Marble’s natural ability to be cold, making the surface perfect for people who do a lot of baking, and it’s completely heat resistant ability eliminates the worry of damaging the stone with hot pans.

Marble Backsplash

Backsplashes are a simple way to update the look of any kitchen simply; marble makes for a perfect backsplash in the kitchen, bathroom or outdoor areas. As these spaces are prone to spillage and staining, marble is ideal due to its stain-resistant and easy to clean qualities, whilst enhancing an elegant and luxurious look.

Marble Flooring

Marble flooring is excellent for Australian homes as marble does not absorb heat, which is beneficial in summer as the floor will naturally cool homes instead of circulating hot air. When it comes to winter, you can style the floor with a shaggy rug and allow the space to stay warm.

The shiny effect of the stone gives a similar aesthetics to mirrors, which allows more light to shine into rooms, brighten up the whole space and create the allusion that the area is bigger. Marble is also a low maintenance alternative to most conventional floors, like timber.

Custom Marble Furniture

If you have an extensive renovation project, chances are you’ll have odd pieces of marble left over; this is a perfect chance to design and build custom furniture for your home. A popular request is a marble dining table or a marble coffee table, which make unique masterpieces whilst creating a cohesive theme throughout your house.

The ideal custom table would have a complete slab of marble on top with accents of other natural materials as the legs, from wood, metal or glass. The combination of natural elements with the smoothness of natural marble stone is sure to impress.

Marble Bathroom Vanities

Marble’s natural shiny texture makes the surface very resistant to soap scum, making marble perfect in bathrooms for easy cleaning. Visually marble works superbly in bathrooms too, as the sleek material compliments glass surfaces often used in the bathroom, from the mirrors to shower screens. The classic grey veins in the marble add more interest than traditional plain white bathrooms, creating a beautifully elegant space while still looking open and clean.

Marble in Outdoor Spaces

Natural stone is a perfect choice for alfresco and outdoor kitchen benchtops, as it holds heat resistant qualities. Even in direct sunlight, the stone won’t burn bare feet or hands unlike most outdoor floorings like wood. Similarly, natural stones offer UV resistance which minimises the risk of these benchtops breaking down over time due to prolonged sun exposure.

Where to Source Quality Marble

Marble is not a cheap stone; however, it is an investment that will last forever and put a value on your home. While the most popular shade of marble is white, there are many other gorgeous colour varieties of marble, for example, dark marble is an excellent way to warm up the appeal of a room.

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