What is the Best Material for Outdoor Kitchens in Sydney?

By January 29, 2021News

Outdoor entertaining areas have been increasingly popular for many years now – and for good reason, when Australian weather is so amazing! However, Sydney can be notorious for unpredictable weather; making choosing an outdoor kitchen benchtop is difficult.

Alfrescos are multifunctional spaces, from a casual entertaining spot, a spacious dining area and a functional prep area. Kitchen benches are the most hard-working surface in the home, so you need a material that can withstand the wear and tear of outdoor cooking, on top of weather considerations, whilst catering to your family’s unique lifestyle and needs.

With over 25 years of experience at Made in Stone, we pride ourselves on giving customers great advice. So, let’s unpack how the most common kitchen benchtops react to Sydney’s unique climate, helping you make the best decision for your next outdoor kitchen benchtop.

Engineered Stone vs Natural Stone for Outdoor Kitchen Benchtops in Sydney

Generally natural stone is the preferred option for outdoor kitchens, even with some wear and tear, natural stone holds up excellent against the challenging Sydney elements.

As natural stone kitchen benchtops are constructed by nature, they are highly resilient and durable under general outdoor use, and therefore can often last decades with very little maintenance. Whilst holding ultraviolet (UV) resistance which minimises the risk of these benchtops breaking down over time due to the prolonged exposure to Sydney’s sun.

Engineered stone is not generally a recommended benchtop material for outdoor kitchens because manufactured stone does not hold well when in direct contact with the weather. But this largely depends on your homes, specific weather and structural elements. For example, if your outdoor area is fully enclosed and not in direct sunlight, engineered stone can be an okay option for a Sydney outdoor kitchen benchtop.

However, with recent technological advancements, Dekton stone is now so advanced, it has altered the way the industry uses manufactured stone in outdoor areas. At Made in Stone, we have seen Dekton become the most popular option for exterior kitchen benchtops in Sydney, even overtaking natural stone.

Dekton an upgraded material from Porcelain and Quartz, and its best trait is high resistance to UV rays, which is usually a characteristic that only natural stone holds. Dekton stone is ultra-compact with superior durability that will not fade in the sun, does not need sealing, will resist scratches from food prep, heat from barbecues, extreme cold and stains from liquids.

With Dekton you get the durability of natural stone, with the style of manufactured stone. As a result, Dekton is the perfect material for exterior application. Generally, this ultra-sophisticated material is versatile for every space in a Sydney home, even under intense use and in high-traffic areas.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Outdoor Kitchen Benchtop in Sydney

If your house is next to the ocean, saltwater creek, or saltwater pool, the high wind and salt levels will slowly corrode and rust your outdoor kitchen bench. If this is the case for your home, installing a stone with a high density of limestone or sandstone is necessary, as they have the highest resistance to salt compared to other natural stones.

For example, the natural stone granite has incredible resistance to salt, as well as tremendous strength and density, making it a perfect choice for your outdoor kitchen benchtops. No matter what natural stone you pick, all cabinetry and benches should be correctly sealed and waterproofed to ensure the elements cannot penetrate your kitchen benchtops.

Your outdoor kitchen benchtop also needs to endure high levels of grease and food spills; most stones with high resistance to spillage are of the manufactured stone variety. Although many natural stones are non-porous, meaning the stone does not absorb liquid or air, quartz is generally the best non-porous stone as spills and stains can be easily wiped off the surface.

Sourcing the Best Exterior Kitchen Benchtops for Sydney’s Climate

Don’t just take our word for it, check out Made in Stone’s gallery and discover photos of recent luxury outdoor kitchen benchtops.

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